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Efo-riro Spinach sauce Traditionally flavoured and thick with bits of meats and fish. Egusi Soup Richly flavoured with traditional ingredients.

Who we are

We are a family run business. We love cooking and derive pleasure serving anyone good home cooked meals. We have an exceptional passion for Nigerian meals and always willing to introduce the joyful experience we derive from them to everyone.

PoshJollof is our online delivery service providing freshly cooked delicious west African meals to you, anywhere within UK mainland. The process is simple; you order, we cook, then chill to lock in freshness and ship to your doorstep for your enjoyment…

Jollof Rice Our signature dish from an old family recipe
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Authentic Suya


Charcoal grilled beef Suya and the Yaji aka Suya Spice is a complete recipe from the north of Nigeria. No shortcuts, just great tasting and authentic blend of spices. The charcoal fire gives the meat a smoky flavour that other grills can not. Even the most Suya skeptic would consider this the best in the UK.

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